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Enigmatic dreams...unravel at your feet




the girl :

deira. seventeen. reads. writes. cooks. goes to college. cant live without her laptop. make that wireless connection. or her ipod. loves music. every kind. adobe photoshop. the city. zara the store. walking. photography. painting. sketching. travelling. fundraiser for cancer awareness. Believes that we need to be the change that we want to see

//hates// ignorant. narrow minded people.


email: nchantal_smiles@hotmail.com


fandoms and shippyness:

dark angel. maxalec // gilmore girls. literati // bones. boothbrennan // alias. sydvaughn // house. cameronchase. housecuddy// prison break. michealsara // csi las vegas // 24 // lost// desperate housewives// roswell. maxliz // greys anatomy. alexizzie //





resplandor layout
crackified for mood themes
any brushes or textures i use i will try to credit =)